Ask yourself - could you feel better?

The way we work and live has changed. We need new tools to not just survive but to thrive. Our mental state will determine our health and our true potential.

Find resilience with here@work

A complete meditation program designed to help you feel and perform better at work and beyond.

Results. A proven program that guides you to calm, clear thinking and equanimity. 

Convenient. Designed and integrated into your workday, get results in just 5-minutes a day

Reset. Gain control of your thoughts and emotions to excel with joy.

Habit by Design. Backed by leading behavior design thinking, learn a skill that lasts a lifetime. 

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About here@work

95% of our program participants learn the skill of meditation

Here's what people are saying...

Amazing Program!

Camille Kennedy, Marketing Executive

“here@work is an amazing platform for introducing you to the practice of meditation. They make it easy, approachable and flexible to suit your schedule.”

Mental Super Power!

Eric S., Analyst, Deloitte

“The here@work program was an amazing introduction into the world of meditation and mindfulness! Well-structured and guided, it gave me the skills to use mediation as a personal, mental super-power!”

Mind Clearing Tool

Duane Crichton, Film Director

“here@work helped me understand how to bypass the purposeless loop of thoughts that were taking up space in my head. I very quickly went from my first mediation, to having a mind clearing tool that I can go back to time and time again.”

Calmer and More Productive.

Harrison Neuart, Behavioral Designer

"I really enjoyed my here@work program. Learning to integrate mediation into my work day has helped me feel calmer and more productive during a crazy time."

We need this more than ever.

Tatianna, UI/UX Designer

“This program was a great fit for me, especially with the pandemic happening. We need this more then ever, highly recommend!”

Brought Me Energy, Clarity, and Authentic Connection.

Kelly J., Clinical Counsellor

"For the first time, it is easy for me to practice meditation and benefit from the effects more quickly and fully. Hailey's teachings are simple, encouraging and inspiring. I feel like I have been given a fundamental tool that I can use throughout my work days to bring me energy, clarity, and authentic connection with others”.

Learned how my mind works

Felicia, Toronto

"It was really great having everything explained and broken down so that I can gain a better understanding on how my mind works during meditation and how much practice it takes to hone it as a skill. Week 3 on Shifting Your Inner Environment definitely identified with me.

Learn to Meditate During Your Workday

  • Scientifically proven methodology that helps you establish a sustainable mediation routine

  • Designed progression to easily integrate into your workday

  • Daily guided meditations that are concise and easy to complete

  • Concise video tutorials explaining the scientific benefits and practice of meditation

  • Meditation tasks you can easily do during your day and bring an instant reset to your mindstate

  • Bonus! 6 guided meditations to enhance your practice including Relaxation & Walking modalities.

  • Unlimited Access to the program and guided meditations

What can you expect upon completing here@work?

  • Better control of your thoughts and emotions

  • Foundational ability to more effectively manage stress

  • Engage in your workday fully and with more joy

  • Respond to challenges at work with more ease

  • Improved cognitive performance

  • Smoother interactions with colleagues & bosses

  • Increased focus and concentration

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Course Components

  • 1

    Welcome to Learn to Meditate

    • Learning to Meditate as a Remote Worker

    • Welcome message

    • Intro: Learn to Meditate

    • Tips for success

  • 2

    Week 1: Presence

    • Week 1: Presence

    • Week 1: Guided Meditation

    • Week 1 Micro-task: Tune In

    • Week 1 Micro-task: Developing Present Moment Awareness

  • 3

    Week 2: Focus

    • Week 2: Focus

    • Week 2: Guided Meditation

    • Week 2 Micro-task: Interrupting the Monkey Brain

    • Week 2 Micro-task: Focus & Own Your Mind for the Day

  • 4

    Week 3: Shift Your Inner Environment

    • Week 3: Shift Your Inner Environment

    • Week 3: Guided Meditation

    • Week 3 Micro-task: Thought Awareness

    • Week 3 Micro-task: You Are Not Your Thoughts

  • 5

    Week 4: Infinite Potential

    • Week 4: Infinite Potential

    • Week 4: Guided Meditation

    • Week 4 Micro-task: Fully Present Engagement

    • Week 4 Micro-task: Access Your Full Potential In the Flow State

  • 6


    • Final Thoughts & Thank You

  • 7

    Bonus Guided Meditations

    • 1.5 Minute Guided Meditation

    • 5-minute Guided Meditation

    • 10-minute Guided Meditation

    • 15-Minute Guided Meditation

    • Guided Relaxation Meditation

    • Walking Meditation

Your Teacher

Lead Meditation Instructor

Hailey O'Hara

For over twelve years, I have been guiding classes, international trainings, and retreats, sharing the practice of meditation in a way that is accessible and relevant in today's world. My interest lies in the merging of western psychology and eastern wisdom and I’ve explored this through dedicated personal practice and over 1000 hours of formal yoga and meditation trainings. I believe meditation is the antidote to the stresses of modern life and offers a simple, practical, and incredibly effective tool to help us harness our creativity, sharpen our focus, enhance relationships, improve sleep and live more fully in each moment.