It only takes a moment to feel better

10 beautiful meditations that can help you reset anytime

Effective. Calm your nervous system, relax the mind, and reset.

Simple. Each meditation guides you to calm in just over a minute. 

Easy. Designed for busy people who are looking for a convenient way to meditate.

Explore. Discover simple, powerful ways to move through your day with greater ease.

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10 Micro-Meditations

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    • It Only Takes a Moment

    • Grounding Breaths

    • Relaxing the Body

    • Balance the Breath to Balance the Mind

    • Connecting to the Sense

    • Anchored in the Present

    • Unhooking from Thought

    • Moving Through Emotion

    • Letting Go

    • Shifting Your Inner State

    • Meeting Each Moment

    • Conclusion

Your Teacher

Lead Meditation Instructor

Hailey O'Hara

For over twelve years, I have been guiding classes, international trainings, and retreats, sharing the practice of meditation in a way that is accessible and relevant in today's world. My interest lies in the merging of western psychology and eastern wisdom and I’ve explored this through dedicated personal practice and over 1000 hours of formal yoga and meditation trainings. I believe meditation is the antidote to the stresses of modern life and offers a simple, practical, and incredibly effective tool to help us harness our creativity, sharpen our focus, enhance relationships, improve sleep and live more fully in each moment.